Four Distinct Design Options in Wood-Look Porcelain Stoneware

Four Distinct Design Options in Wood-Look Porcelain Stoneware

Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of Wood-Look Porcelain Stoneware, where the warmth and charm of natural wood meet the durability and versatility of modern ceramic technology. This innovative material captures the essence of authentic woodgrain, knots, and textures, redefining interior and exterior spaces with a seamless blend of rustic beauty and contemporary practicality. Designed to withstand the test of time while offering a wide range of design options, Wood-Look Porcelain Stoneware brings the inviting aesthetics of wood into your environment without compromising on performance or maintenance. Discover the perfect balance of nature-inspired aesthetics and cutting-edge functionality in every tile, transforming your spaces into havens of enduring style.

AntiqueWood, Class Wood, Country Wood, and Geowood:

These four collections of wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles, part of the Granitoker line, exemplify the diverse facets of the timeless appeal of natural materials. These versatile collections transcend traditional boundaries, making them ideal for various settings such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and outdoor spaces. Let’s explore the optimal selection for each area of application, whether it involves revitalizing living room flooring, renovating a bathroom, updating a veranda, or rejuvenating a terrace.

Surfaces adorned with the traces of history, where each mark and vein conceals a narrative capable of infusing the present with fresh design inspiration.

Elevating the allure of porcelain stoneware surfaces with a modern touch, geometric designs enhance the natural aesthetics. This harmonious blend of color and design redefines the essence of wooden surfaces through a seamless integration with high-performance porcelain stoneware tiles. Antiquewood presents a versatile range, featuring White, Black, and Moka options in the 15×120 and 20×120 formats. The collection includes plank, strip, or chevron decorations, offering a variety of choices to suit diverse design preferences.

Class Wood embraces the subtle and harmonious tones that infuse simplicity and warmth into a space, crafting an atmosphere inspired by these values. Available in four colors (Dove Grey, Grey, Brown, and Walnut) and two formats, this porcelain stoneware collection stands as the ideal choice for contemporary spaces.

Class Grey 20×120 cm (7 7/8″x47 1/4″):

This wood-effect surface boasts an original aesthetic finish that exudes a timeless charm. The gently worn effect lends a vintage allure to all interior spaces, seamlessly blending with modern furniture to cultivate a sophisticated, contemporary style. The collection showcases the wood-effect porcelain stoneware in four distinct colors: tortora, marrone, greige, bianco, and ice.

Country Greige 20×120 cm (7 7/8″x47 1/4″):

Country Wood captures the innate beauty of wood with a thoughtfully selected range of natural colors. Furthermore, the 20 mm thickness of the outdoor version extends its versatility for external use, ensuring aesthetic continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.


Geowood features rare and sought-after woods from various parts of the world. The aesthetic effect is highlighted through five unique colors, each accentuating the distinctive features of the different porcelain stoneware textures. The collection offers diverse plank options, unlocking new expressive possibilities for your design endeavors.

Explore the diverse range of formats, finishes, and thicknesses available in the Antiquewood, Class Wood, Country Wood, and Geowood lines and transform your space into a warm, welcoming, and sophisticated haven that seamlessly aligns with your lifestyle!

Crafted using cutting-edge manufacturing technology, Antiquewood, Class Wood, Country Wood, and Geowood exemplify sophistication, cleanliness, and durability. They are designed to imbue a space with character, creating an inviting, exclusive, and informal ambiance through the marks, incisions, and traces left by the passage of time.

Our collection boasts exceptional resistance to impacts, abrasion, scratches, bending, atmospheric agents, fire, stains, and chemical agents, making it an ideal solution for flooring and coverings in residential spaces, restaurants, stores, and high-traffic areas.

Tile Optima’s porcelain stoneware is non-absorbent and safe, free from chemical agents, varnishes, or resins designed to prevent permeation. Environmentally friendly, the majority of by-products from the production process can be reused, significantly reducing the environmental impact. These tiles are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, making them ideal for residential, public spaces, and contract projects.

Aligned with our values, Tile Optima continues to advance production technologies to create sophisticated, durable, high-performing products with a low environmental impact, evident in our ISO 14001 and EMAS certifications.

Be inspired by our wood-effect porcelain stoneware collections and let them redefine the aesthetic and functional possibilities of your space!