Porcelain Slabs/Panels

Porcelain Slabs/Panels

Porcelain Slabs/Panels

We’re introducing the most cutting edge concept in tub and shower surrounds in 50 years, BIG porcelain panels that are 3 feet by 5 feet or 9 feet.  You will only need 4 panels to complete a surround and they are pre-cut and easy to install with minimum waste and minimal time. Minimum waste helps save the environment, minimal time helps save you money.

Actual Sizes: 32” x 110” , 32” x 64”, 36” x 64”, 36”x110” standard sizes

Custom sizes are also available.

All 8mm thick.

Our porcelain panels offer the utmost in contemporary design using the most sophisticated stone looks in marble, limestone, granite, wood look or solid colors. The large format produces a sleek, continuous look without the interruption of grout joints. And we all know, the less grout joints the easier the maintenance.

Porcelain is an extraordinary material that doesn’t scratch, is non-absorbent and has such chemical resistance that cleaning solutions are never a problem, its tensile strength is close to granite, and if that isn’t enough, it’s anti-microbial, a plus factor for use in hotels and medical facilities.

Large format porcelain panels can also be used in countertop and tabletop applications because of their durable, non-absorbant and stain resistant qualities and are exceptional for exterior use.

We hope these large format panels that are MADE IN THE USA will revolutionize the tub and shower industry.

Contact us today for more information on this cutting edge system, we look forward to working with you.

Porcelain Shower System

  • 32” x 110” standard size
  • Custom sizes available
  • 8mm thick
  • Reduced waste
  • Ease of installation
  • Impervious surface
  • Endless design options


Porcelain Countertops

  • Available up to 110” length
  • 72” flat-packed
  • 48” flat-packed
  • 32” width for countertop
  • 48” width for island
  • 12mm thickness
  • Mitered edge capable
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Impervious surface
  • Endless design options


The durable and waterproof nature of porcelain allows for a wide variety of uses including bar/dining tabletops as well as outdoor dining.